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Letters from Children

A thank-you letter to Auntie Jin ? by 18628 Li Yang Ming

A thank-you letter to Uncle Wu ? by 161010 Yang Xin Ruo

A thank-you letter to Aunt Zhou ? by 18011 Li Fu Ying

A thank-you letter to Aunt Zhai ? by 17306 Fu Chao Lin

A thank-you letter to Aunt Huang ? by 181486 Pu Xuan Cun

A letter to Aunt Jeng ? by 02133 Dai Rong Ju

Deng Cong Xiang took her parents to visit Beijing

In Memory of Grandpa Tao Shing Pee

A letter to sponsor ? by 02069 Zi Qian Rong

A letter to sponsor ? by 03046 He Wen Fu

A letter to Sister Sang ? by 05138 He Shi Qiang

A letter to Brother Li ? by 05142 Li Yi Fu

A letter to Auntie Lee ? by 06229 Zuo Zhen Juan

A letter to Aunt Jeng ? by 06334 Chang Li

A letter to Uncle Su ? by 08225 Huang Xue Fen

A Letter for Auntie Yang ? by 11287 Ren Tian Yin

A letter to Uncle Wu ? by 12149 Chen Yi Sheng Mao

A letter to Auntie Wei ? by 12186 Gao Wen Jian

A letter to Uncle Wu ? by 12529 Hu Xiao Lan

A letter to Uncle Wu ? by 13549 Li Zhi Ze

A letter to Auntie Zheng ? by 13931 Hu Chun Hua

A letter to Auntie Zhang ? by 15643 Liu Er Qian

A letter to Auntie Pang ? by 15651 He Li Chi

A letter to Uncle Wang ? by 16091 Zhang Shun Pin

A letter to Auntie Zheng ? by 16096 Zhang Hua Biao

A letter for teacher Hitchings ? by 17618 Li Ji Hua

A letter to Uncle Wu ? by 18808 Li Qing

The dance of appreciation by Yan Shan Gui

Li Mei

Don?t be defeated by Poverty

Selection of thank you letters

Letter from students of Yanyuan Nationality School

Dear Auntie Zheng,

Merry Christmas! How are you? Now you must be busy celebrating Christmas, and you must be very happy.

We are all fine. Though it is colder, it's sunny every day. We can also feel warm , especially when we wear the coats which you sent to us. We feel warmer in our hearts. There are only a few students who caught cold in our class after taking your advice that we should often wash our hands , and everyone can face a new day with his confidence and passion. We knew if we wanted to go to university and have a better job , we should study hard . Then we would have a bright future.

We must say: ?Thank you! Thank you for your help!? We are all poor children. Without your help, perhaps we would have become farmers. You change our lives , and you give us the chance to study in the classroom again. We think that you are the sunshine in our lives and give us so much energy. We have nothing to reward you with, except to study hard. Thank you. Even though we are so far away from you , our hearts are tied together. If you were here, we would sing Merry Christmas for you. But it doesn't matter. We will sing this song with you if there is a chance in the future. Merry Christmas! Best wishes for you!

Your thankful children
Dec.14th. 2004

Tang Shao Yan (Junior High Second Year)
The salted vegetable that I eat in school is prepared from home. Before I eat, I would stir it with a spoon. We cannot steam vegetables at school, so I normally eat it cold. Although food is available at school, I do not have money to buy it. Usually when I eat up all the food I brought from home, I would just eat plain rice. Life is hard, but I am determined to fight this evil and carry on.

Pang Hui (Junior High Second Year)
My father is a simple and honest farmer. My mother, although recovered from her accident, would occasionally fall ill due to an over loss of blood. My grandmother has not been able to receive proper treatment for her old-age sicknesses. Our whole family is dependent on my father's meager income to sweep by basic expenses, but unfortunately we are still in debt. All these things portray the extent of how harsh life is in our world. However, it does not dissuade me from my desire to learn. My assiduous learning habits have earned me excellent grades, along with the proud title of "top three scholars" and "good student cadre" every academic semester.

Yang Shao Lian (Junior High Second Year)
Auntie, can you guess what I am about to tell you? "There's no such thing as a dead-end in life "; this phrase embedded in my memory since my last meeting with you. You inspired me. It was you who have given me a hand through this rough road, and who have allowed me to see the rainbow after a violent rainstorm. I know you yearn for me to succeed one day, and I am determined to use these arduous hands to win for some sweetness in life.

Chen Chuan Dong (High School Second Year)

Although I may live in such misfortune, my eyes, ears, feet and hands have never given up. They continue to live in a world of hope. Under extreme sunlight, my eyes could identify human kindness and evil. Under thunder waves, my ears could distinguish good from bad. Under intense mental resistance, my feet continue to make unremitting efforts to reach the other side of the shore. When my hands grasp true friendship, knowledge, and love, they are more powerful than any strength on earth. I'm afraid I will lose it. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. But when my eyes, ears, feet and hands unite, I am more powerful than ever. All of a sudden success appears that much easier to clench.

Wang Rong Hua (Middle School Third Year)

I know that in this rough turbulence, as long as I have faith, I will win. I will continue to make relentless efforts in my studies. I will use my good grades to thank my parents and the Foundation for all the love and care that they have given me.

Zhang Feng (High School Second Year)

Our roads have expanded and we have become more distant from one another. The pace of my growth has developed rapidly, and so has my classmates'. The slapping noise of my feet as they contact the ground creates a pleasant rhythm. Ms. Jeng isn't weak either. I see the sweat soak through her shirt, yet she continues to strive forward. It's true. When confronted by an obstacle, we should keep our heads up and face the problem bravely.

Deng Shen (High School Second Year)

I have one wish. When I become successful, I want to repay my parents for their love. I am also very thankful for your [Peach Foundation's] help. If it wasn't for your kindness, I would not have had the opportunity to sit here and share my feelings. I also have one thought, and that is when I become successful, I would like to support other children through school, allowing more people the opportunity to obtain an education.


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