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Reflections from 2011 Volunteer Understanding Tour


Reflections from 2011 Volunteer Understanding Tour

By Wanny Cheng 2011.10.29

It was our pleasure to meet and make acquaintance with members of the PEACH 2011 Volunteer Understanding Tour. Even though it was only a few days, and we had to trek up and down rugged paths in the mountains of Yunnan, we found the experience invigorating and fulfilling, and at the same time, it gave us hope. We learned a lot from this trip.

We could see and feel the good work done by Peach Foundation. We were greatly touched by members who showed such genuine devotion, enthusiasm, affection and generosity to the kids.

Kids in rural China are good kids; they appreciate and are grateful for the opportunity to go to school. They need and deserve our support. Despite the extreme hardship they have to endure both at home and in school, they still have the burning desire to get an education and are willing to work hard for it. One student told us that to get home from school it would take her a 2-hour bus ride and then a 7-8 hour walk before she could reach home, that is if she could afford the bus fare which she seldom could.

Meeting one Peach Foundation alumnus who, after graduating from college, returned home to teach and then became the principal of a local school, was very encouraging.

This may be outside of Peach?s authority, but for the health of the kids, I wish something could be done to the schools? bathrooms, maybe just to start with installing some water basin to wash their hands with?


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