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Letter from Myrna and Michael Chen

Letter from Myrna and Michael Chen

Dear Miss Lee (Peach No. 06265), 


I am writing to you in English because I do not have the Chinese program on my PC as yet.  But I know that you will have no trouble reading and understand what I am about to say to you.


I was in Kunming on the eve of October 27th where we all gathered at the big hall.  It was a night to remember!  A group of us has just got off the bus from Yuan Yang, and Hung He area that evening; after a week of fact finding and home visits.  We traveled on roads that legally can not be termed as roads; streets that are narrow, steep and barely passable and visited houses that can best be described as shacks.  What was also appalling was the condition inside these shacks; the very minimal and modest possessions; the blank facial expression of the face of parent/grand parent, and the unkempt condition of some of the young children and the household in general.  We went in with hesitation, and left with a sense of helplessness and overwhelm, and often hung our head low. 


Then we marched into the great hall where you gathered.  A thundering applause welcomed us.  There were confidence and smiles on your face.  We were trembling with excitement as we tried to adapt and adjust, oh, yes, and to find a seat to sit down. 


Then you came up to the stage to speak to us.  One by one; self assured and spoke with confidence and conviction. What I might add is that you also had a sense of humor in your words.   It was like a heavy cloud suddenly being lifted from my head and the golden sun shined upon us all.  "Wow! I said to myself.  Despair no more for these that you left behind in Yuan Yang and Hung-He.  Their days will come.  Like the sun will rise, their lives will be filled with sunshine, laughter, and fulfillment"   Soon they will be inducted into Peach, they will also be nurtured, transformed, and thrive, like these kids. 


Thank you, the college grads and the in college Peach students. Thank you for making an effort to come to Kunming to partake this memorable evening.  Your presence and words reassured and testified again and again that: all is well will end well.  These children that we visited in the past few days will be also be lifted out of misery.  Like you, they will be transformed and thrive.


Thank you for sending this beautiful letter to me.  I truly enjoyed reading it.  But it is I that need to say ?thank you" to you, to all of you that have made the effort to attend the rally.  It is amazing that that you find it so natural to go up the stadium to speak, to offer what you have learned, and to extend a lending hand to your fellow Peach peers.


Together, we will make Peach synonymous with "good", "kind", "smart", "hard work" and continued thrive and excel.


Thank you!





Myrna and Michael Chen


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