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Event Calendar 2002


11/09/2002 ? PEACH presented a photo exhibition at a Taipei Chorus concert.

11/02/2002 ? PEACH presented information at Pan-KMT luncheon party.

10/19/2002 ? A photo exhibition and information about PEACH were presented at the South Bay Senior Self-Care Association's hiking activity.

10/12/2002 ? PEACH presented information at the Taiwan Cultural Exchange Visiting Group.

10/07/2002 ? President Ruth Jeng gave a talk to students in Merced, California to promote a Sino-American student cultural exchange program.

09/14/2002 ? PEACH presented a photo exhibition and distributed information at Overseas Ally Chorus concert.

08/24/2002 ? PEACH Foundation brochures were distributed at the Fei Young Dance Group performance in Mountain View, at the Performing Arts Center.

08/19/2002 ? World Journal Daily in Taiwan interviewed Anli Chao of the Taiwan Chapter of the PEACH Foundation.

07/30/2002 ? Xu Minzi, reporter from World Journal Daily, interviewed PEACH president, Ruth Jeng, about the trip to Yunnan.

06/28/2002 ? Ruth Jeng was interviewed on the Sing Dao Chinese radio FM96.1 program "Face to Face.?

06/23/2002 ? PEACH co-hosted the solo concert of Tim Ding and Shirlin Lin.

6/21-7/15/2002 ? PEACH volunteers made a 2nd trip to Yunnan, China, for site inspections.

05/18/2002 ? A photo exhibition was presented at Taiwanese Culture Street Fair at Pleasanton.

05/11/2002 ? A photo exhibition was presented at the Cheng-Ji University Alumni Reunion Party.

05/05/2002 ? A photo exhibition was presented at the Taipei Second High School Reunion, and PEACH President, Ruth Jeng, delivered a speech.

4/26-28/2002 ? An information booth was set up during the New Age Expo in San Francisco to promote PEACH Foundation programs.

04/20/2002 ? PEACH presented a photo exhibition at the Fu Jen University Alumni Association annual reunion party.

04/06/2002 ? PEACH president, Ruth Jeng, flew to New York to interview with local news media and finalize details for establishing a branch office on the East Coast.

03/30/2002 ? The PEACH Foundation brochures were distributed at the Fei Young Dancing Group performance.

03/24/2002 ? A photo exhibition was presented at the Solo concerts of Ms. Irene Hu.

03/16/2002 ? PEACH Foundation brochures were distributed at the Mount Jade Expo.

03/02/2002 ? Mr. Len Hew, head of the Canadian branch of the PEACH Foundation, visited the US headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

02/21/2002 ? Wong Bing Chin, reporter from the Tsingtao Daily, interviewed PEACH president Ruth Jeng about the purpose of the foundation.

02/16/2002 ? A photo presentation was held during the reunion of the Taiwan Cheng-Ji Alumni Association.

02/02/2002 ? A photo exhibition and fundraising event was held at the PEACH Foundation headquarters in San Mateo, CA. At a dinner sponsored by the Tong- Hai University Alumni Association, Ruth Jeng delivered a speech about the foundation's purpose and goal.

01/30/2002 ? The Taiwan Chapter of the PEACH Foundation is formally established. Its headquarters is currently located in Taipei.

12/14/2001-1/16/2002 ? Led by Ruth Jeng, PEACH volunteers from the US made their first trip to Yunnan, where they joined with volunteers from Taiwan led by Anli Chao. The purpose was to gain a better understanding of Yunnan 's educational system. This trip successfully initiated important groundwork for various projects.


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