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Event Calendar 2006


9/2006 ? A branch of the PEACH Foundation, the PEACH Education Association, is established in Taiwan.

9/27/2006 ? Ruth Jeng spoke to a group of students at Notre Dame High School about the PEACH Foundation.

9/3/2006 ? Tiffany Kuo, English teacher at the PEACH summer camp, was interviewed by Da-Ai Television of Taiwan.

8/19/2006 ? Anli Chao, President of the Taiwan Chapter of PEACH, presented information about PEACH summer camps to an audience in Herdon, Virginia.

8/2/2006 ? Ruth Jeng, with volunteers and PEACH staff, inspected projects in Yanyuan, Sichuan province for five days.

7/4-31/2006 ? The PEACH Foundation held three sessions of summer camp in Yuanyang and Yangbi. 690 Peach kids attended the summer camp.

5/23/2006 ? Ruth Jeng introduced the PEACH Foundation to the Rotary Club of Fremont, CA.

5/20/2006 ? Ruth Jeng introduced the PEACH Foundation to the Fu Jen Alumni Association in Sunnyvale, CA.

5/7/2006 ? Hsin Huainan was invited by the PEACH Foundation to give a speech entitled ?The Differences in Administrative Culture between China and America" in Foster City, CA.

4/11/2006 ? President Ruth Jeng and the Spring Inspection team, more than ten volunteers, inspected performance of projects in Yuanyang and Lvchun counties, Yunnan province.

4/6/2006 ? President Ruth Jeng presented the PEACH Foundation at the Saige Training Center of Human Resources in Shen Zhen.

3/20/2006 ? Principal of the PEACH branch in Taiwan, Anli Chao, and volunteer Anderson Yen were interviewed by UNI Radio in Hsinchu.

3/13/2006 ? Principal of PEACH branch in Taiwan, Anli Chao, and volunteer Anderson Yen were interviewed by Asia and Pacific Broadcasting Station in Hsinchu.

1/21-2/10/2006 ? Teacher Yeh, a volunteer, went to Yanyuan to teach remediation lessons for 40 high school students. They also participated in an unforgettable Spring Festival with her.


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