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Event Calendar 2007


10/30-11/13/2007 ? President Ruth Jeng and Vice-President Anli Chao, along with volunteers and staff, inspected projects in Lijiang ,Yunnan province, and Yanyuan, Sichuan province.

10/24/2007 ? The PEACH Association in Taiwan donated about 2000 books to students of the WenShan, BaoShi and FongLiao elementary schools.

7/4-25/2007 ? The PEACH Foundation held two sessions of summer camp in YuanYang and YuLong. 540 Peach kids attended the summer camp.

4/2-23/2007 ? The PEACH Spring Inspection team, consisting of fifteen volunteers, went to inspect performance of projects in the Yuanyang, Lvchun, and Lijiang counties of Yunnan province.

1/26/2007 ? A branch of the PEACH Foundation, the PEACH Education Association, established a corporation in Taiwan.

Board members are:
     Ming Dai
     Hsiao-Cheng Yu
     Ruth Jeng
     Hsiao-Cheng Liao
     Li-Cheng Chen
     Zhao-Rui Chen
     Zhang-Sheng Yen
     Xuan Tsai
     Bao-Zun Jia
     Sherry Huang
     Yuan Chang


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