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Event Calendar 2008


12/6/2008 ? The PEACH Education Association held a meeting in Taipei. 40 members attended the meeting.

10/29-11/13/2008 ? President Ruth Jeng and Vice-President Anli Chao took seven staff members to inspect projects in Yanyuan, Sichuan province and Yulong, Yunnan province. They visited 150 Peach kids' families.

10/23-10/28/2008 ? President Ruth Jeng and Vice-President Anli Chao went to Qingchuan, Sichuan with five staff members to offer deepest condolences and donate money to local students affected by the earthquake in May of this year.

6/23-7/28/2008 ? PEACH sponsored three sessions of summer camp in Yanyuan, Yuanyang and Yulong, in which 65 volunteers went to be teachers at their own expense. 660 PEACH kids attended.

3/26-4/9/2008 ? President Ruth Jeng and Vice-President Anli Chao took volunteers and staff, all thirteen members, to inspect projects in Yulong and Yangbi counties in Yunnan province.


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