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Event Calendar 2014

12/2-12/20/2014 ? PEACH staff members inspected projects in Honghe county, Ninglang county and Yulong county of Yunnan Province, 420 PEACH kids' homes were visited.

12/7/2014 ? PEACH hosted an annual gathering at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City. Photos of our camps and home visits were displayed. Eleven volunteers shared their experiences. Pictures...

11/22/2014 ? 144 PEACH college students held a happy gathering at Yunnan Minzu University. Pictures...

11/2014 ? Peach provided 786 sets of thermal pajamas, scarves, gloves, and socks to our new students to help keep out the bitter cold.

11/2014 ? Peach donated extracurricular books to Peach classes at Yuanyang No.1 High School and Lvchun No.1 High School.

10/2014 ? Fifteen Peach volunteers inspected projects in the Lushui、Fugong、and Gongshan counties of Yunnan Province. Fifteen Peach kids? homes were visited.

9/16-9/22/2014 ? Fifteen PEACH teachers attended the China Youth Development Foundation?s 7-day training in Shanghai.

7/9-8/5/2014 ? PEACH hosted three summer camps in Yuanyang, Lushui and LiJiang in Yunnan Province. 85 volunteer teachers and 806 children participated. Pictures...

7/2014 ? 479 PEACH students matriculated into high school, 414 entered college, and 271 graduated from college.

5/30/2014 ? PEACH held its annual board meeting in Los Altos, CA.

3/30/14 ? PEACH hosted an informational event in Los Altos about the upcoming English Summer Camps in July.

3/28/2014 ? President Ruth Jeng introduced the PEACH Foundation at an alumni reunion for Fu Jen University in Santa Clara.

3/20/2014 ? The Raymond Foundation donated 1000 sets of rechargeable LED desk lamps for PEACH students.

3/15/2014 ? The Taiwan chapter of PEACH held its annual board member meeting in Taipei.

3/4/2014 ? PEACH donated office equipment to Labo Middle School of Ninglang County in Yunnan Province.

2/8-2/16/2014 ? PEACH hosted its Winter Camp at HongHe No.1 High School in Yunnan Province. 338 OSP kids (Orphans and girls from Single Parent families) participated. 62 PEACH college students taught at the camp. Medical check-ups, mosquito nets, and dictionaries were provided to the children. During the camp, Mr. Steve Kao and Ms. Sun from Go-In Engineering Company in Taiwan invited their partners in China to teach the children technical knowledge and provide employment counseling. Pictures...

1/24/2014 ? The PEACH Education Association participated in an event held by the R.O.C. HuaXia Public Welfare Association to convey new year greetings to four underprivileged families from JingMei Elementary School in the WenShan District of Taipei.

1/16/2014 ? Anli Chao, Chair of the Taiwan Chapter, took five staff members to visit the Zhongshan Yins Garment Co, Ltd In GuangDong Province. They met with the Sanjiaozhen Women Entrepreneurs Association and introduced the PEACH Foundation to them. Pictures...


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