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Event Calendar 2015

In 2015, PEACH distributed sponsorship funds to 2700 students, which included 3 Elementary School students (each received RMB500/year), 542 Middle School students (each received RMB1000/year), and 2155 High School students (each received RMB2000/year); we also provided interest-free loans to 252 college students.

12/19/2015 ? Peach held a party for 20 orphans at Kunming Vocational Schools, encouraging them to study hard and never given up. Pictures

12/1-12/11/2015 ? PEACH staff members inspected projects in Honghe county, Lvchun county and Yuanyang county of Yunnan Province, 323 PEACH kids' homes were visited.

11/2015 ? Peach provided 957 sets of the thermal pajamas, scarves, gloves and socks to our new students to help keep out the bitter cold. Pictures

10/25-11/10/2015 ? PEACH staffs inspected projects in Yulong county, Ninglang county, Huize county, Lushui county, Fugong county and Gongshan county of Yunnan Province, 399 PEACH kids' homes were visited.

10/26/2015 ? Ctrip Network Technology Co donated 52 computers to MinYing Middle School in YuLong County, Yunnan Province. Pictures

10/25-10/31/2015 ? 15 Peach volunteers inspected projects in Yulong county of Yunnan Province, 22 Peach kids? homes were visited. Pictures

10/24/2015 ? 300 PEACH students and 17 volunteers held a happy gathering meeting at Yunnan Minzu University, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Pictures

10/2015 ? Ms. Belle Chou donated 400 blankets to the elderly in the Jiuhe regions in YuLong. Pictures.

9/19-9/25/2015 ? 13 PEACH teachers participated 7-day training at Shanghai by China Youth Development Foundation. Pictures

9/19/2015 ? Peach held a party for 30 orphans at Kunming Vocational Schools, encouraging them to study hard and never given up. Pictures...

7/22-8/10/2015 ? 10 PEACH teachers participated 20-day training at Beijing NongJiaNv Training School.

7/13-8/1/2015 ? PEACH hosted two summer camps in Yuanyang and LiJiang, Yunnan Province. 93 volunteer teachers and 785 children participated. Pictures

7/2015 ? 715 Middle School graduates were accepted into High School, 428 High School graduates were accepted into college, and 251 College graduates joined the work force.

5/8/2015 ? PEACH annual board meeting held at Los Altos, CA.

4/1/2015 ? PEACH donated safety knowledge posters to 40 middle schools.

3/21/2015 ? Ruth Jeng, PEACH CEO, held a very successful volunteer gathering in El Monte, CA . Pictures; Media report.

3/14/2015 ? The Taiwan chapter of PEACH held its annual member and board member meeting in Taipei.

3/14/2015 ? PEACH donated office equipment to 64 middle schools in HongHe , YuanYang, LvChun, NingLang, YuLong, LuShui, FuGong in Yunnan Province.

3/2015 ? Raymond Foundation donated 957 sets of rechargeable LED desk lamps for PEACH students.

2/5-2/11/2015 ? PEACH staff members inspected projects in the YuanYang and LvChun counties of Yunnan Province. 136 PEACH kids' homes were visited.

1/27-2/4/2015 ? PEACH hosted Winter Camp at HongHe No.1 High School in Yunnan Province. 331 OSP kids (Orphans and girls from Single Parent families) participated. Sixty PEACH college students taught at the camp. Medical check-ups , blankets, mosquito nets, and dictionaries were provided to the children. Pictures

In 2015, PEACH admitted 957 new students.


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