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How It Works

Peach Foundation

I) How does the Peach Foundation select student beneficiaries?

Locally-selected teachers nominate students who meet specific standards of scholastic achievement and severe economic need. Nominated students then undergo a stringent review process, and only the most qualified students are selected to receive aid.

II) How does Peach inspect and determine that students are qualified?

The purpose of our inspection process is to avoid any potential inappropriate allocation of funding. Our procedures are as follows:

1. Peach Foundation staff visit all the sites where we are currently working. We make sure all the students already being sponsored receive their funds. We also interview all new applicant students and visit their homes to ensure they really are poor, and not trying to get a sponsorship through personal connections. We will disqualify any students whose families are not poor.

2. Peach college students will help visit students' homes that Peach staff are unable to visit during their winter or summer breaks from school.

3. Our goal is to be 100% certain that all student and family financial needs are truthful.

III) How is financial aid disbursed?

Once a nominated student is approved to receive a financial aid, the Peach Foundation staff stationed in China will directly mail the aid to the recipient. There is no third party involved.

IV) How does sponsors inspect Peach Foundation?

Peach Foundation encourages sponsors to write to the students, as a great way to connect with them. Sponsors learn firsthand that 100% of his/her donation goes directly to the students.

Every year in July, Peach Foundation conducts summer camps to help build the self-confidence of all the sponsored students. Sponsors are welcome to join us, meet with, and care for these students.

Every year in October, we organize a "Volunteer Exploration Trip" to one of the sites where we are currently working. During this trip, sponsors not only get to meet with many students and their families, but also have the unique opportunity to express the love and encouragement to those who need it most. Through this trip, sponsors often gain a better understanding of how Peach Foundation operates and why its mission remains so important.


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