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Peach Foundation

Financial Aid Program

The Peach Foundation implemented a financial aid program in March 2002 which currently finances 6,223 middle school, high school, and college students . We have already financed 17,842 students in the YuanYang, LuChun, HongHe, ErYuan, YangBi, YuLong, NingLang, YongSheng, LuShui, FuGong, GongShan, HuiZe, MoJiang, LuDian, Qiaojia,DaGuan, Lianghe, Yingjiang, Longchuan, Mangshi, Ruili, Dongchuan and Luquan districts of Yunnan Province, and in the YanYuan district of Sichuan Province. The students selected for this program are all excellent students. They come from low-income farming families that have difficulties to support their education. Without the financial aid Peach Foundation provides, they would have extreme financial difficulties in continuing their educations.

College Loan Program

The Peach Foundation has granted loans to 7,300 college students since it implemented this program.

Extra Living Allowance Program

The Peach Foundation has also implemented a Extra Living Allowance program which has Provided 906 middle and high school students relatively small amounts of money to support their living expenses during school.

Library Program

Peach has established 972 libraries in schools located in the aforementioned districts. The libraries serve as a window to the outside world and allow the children an opportunity to seek new knowledge and experiences that will enrich their lives.

Teacher Training

The Peach Foundation also sponsors training for teachers. Teachers who work in very remote, rural areas, receive Peach-sponsored continuing education in metropolitan areas such as Shanghai. Peach also utilizes volunteers to provide short-term teacher training in their schools.

Summer Camp

Since 2004, the Peach Foundation has sponsored annual summer camps for student beneficiaries. The program offers courses titles such as Mandarin, English, Happy Life, EQ, and Music. The summer camp is designed to help sponsored children work through issues such as low self-esteem, low confidence, and pessimistic attitudes about the future. The Peach Foundation has held a total of 47 sessions to date.

Winter Camp

2013-2019, Peach started a new program called the "Lost Pearl Project." In addition to the 1500 ninth graders who rank in the top 20% in their schools, the foundation added 300 eighth graders who are either orphans or girls from single-parent families. These children have unique social and emotional needs, so our Winter Camp was designed in order to bring love and hope to them. Our goal is to help these students either continue to pursue high school, or go to a vocational school to learn a skill so they can be financially independent. The Foundation has held 6 Winter Camp sessions to date.

Children's Medical Fund

The Peach Foundation has established a children's medical fund to help sponsored children with various illnesses.

Children's Clothing Fund

There is also a children's clothing fund which provides children with gloves, scarves, socks, and undergarments to fight bitter winter weather. The foundation also provides mosquito nets to areas in need.

School Buildings

The Peach Foundation builds and maintains schools in rural China so that the children can have adequate facilities that will support their education and growth.

Please see the Our Projects section for more.


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