November, 2010, issue No. 27

Dear fellow PEACH members:


1.  PEACH Calendar Subscription:

The PEACH Foundationí»s 10th anniversary Calendars have been mailed to every Peach partner one per person, but there are still 4000 left that need everyone's help. If they are not sold by 1/1/2011, not only that 600 plus childrení»s summer camp expenses will not be met, but even the publishing cost will be lost. Calendars are perishable commodities; after 1/1/2011, the left over will become warehouse garbage that one will be reluctant to sent out even for free. Once again we sincerely ask everyone to order the PEACH Foundationí»s 10th anniversary Calendars by filling the order form.


2. 2010 Inspection & Home Visit Trip:

From October 24 to 30, 2010, 12 volunteers traveled to 3 villages in YuanYang, Yunnan, inspecting 12  PEACH students' families.


3. Fall Visit Trip:

From October 24 to November 7, 2010, Anli Chao, chair of Taiwan chapter and I led our staffs to Yunnan Province for inspections visits. We traveled to LvChun county,NingLang County and YuLong county in Yunnan, total 30 villages visited, 140 households, and 30 village high/ primary schools were inspected to prepare for further subsidies.


4. The 2011 Summer Camps:

 The 2011 Summer Camps schedule is as follows, registration start now and the deadline is 1/31/2011.


1st Sessionú║(7/11/2011 to 7/22/2011) in YuanYang, Yunnan


2nd Session:   (7/23/2011 to 8/1/2011) in YuLong, Yunnan


3rd Session:    Elementary School camp - reserved for PEACH college students


Note: The Elementary School Summer Camp is not opened to public 


5. The Children's achievements:

July of 2010, 135 PEACH students graduated from universities; as of today, 73 of them have successfully found employment. For further details please visit the "Kids' Accomplishment" page of our site,


6. 2010 PEACH Major Events:

1. 317 new additions to PEACH in 2010.

2. PEACH Foundation joined a Taiwan charity organization, HuaXia Association, to help children of disadvantaged families in Shilin district of Taipei. 

3. From July 6 to August 6, PEACH successfully held three sessions of English Summer Camps in  YuanYang county and YuLong County in Yunnan Province. During these camps, more than 600 PEACH children attended the camps, and they were all provided with medical care, mosquito nets, Chinese and English dictionaries. One of our volunteer, Mr. Pong donated more than 400 sets of toiletries.

4. Our volunteer, Ms. Belle Chou donated 400 blankets to the elderly in the LuDian regions in YuLong County during the  Double Ninth Festival on October 16.

5. PEACH sponsored a carnival for the young and old, held by the Hsin Chu family support center.

6. In October, Ms.Zhao Hong donated more than 700 supplementary textbooks to the high schools in YuLong, YuanYang, LvChun counties.

7. Textbooks,  recorders, reading materials, and sports gears like basket balls, soccer balls, etc. were donated to high schools in YuLong, YuanYang, LvChun and NinLang counties.

8. We continue to donate books to 200 plus mini-libraries founded by Peach Foundation.

9. We provided sets of the thermal pajamas, mittens, scarves, and socks to our  317 new students to help keep out the bitter cold..

10.The ninth edition of our magazine for the kids, named Peacher, has been published.

11.Thanks to the kind-hearted donors in the city of DongGuan for their donations and warm clothing to the children.


7. In 2011, PEACH will add 300 new students, please sponsor them.


Best Wishes


Ruth Jeng




Attached: Gratitude letters written by PEACH students to sponsors.


By Zi QianRong 02069 


Six years ago, with the cost of my younger brother's withdrawal from school, I was given the opportunity to attend classes. Even so, my impoverished family still could not provide the tuition and my living expenses; further, my parents were constantly put down by cold words from relatives. I have thought about given up my dreams and stopped going to school. It was when I felt completely helpless then Your assistance arrived; it was Your philanthropy that gave me the courage to continue.

Today, with Your assistance I have become an enviable university student. I have always wanted to read ever since childhood; not a single member in my poverty-stricken family was ever educated. Living in a remote area, going to school in the village was a troublesome undertaking for me. I also had to look after a brother of toddler age at home. Therefore, my parents had decided not to send me to school. I remembered back then I often carried my brother on my back to the school with only one room, one teacher, to watch others study. And for that I had been spanked. Later my constant begging got the better of my parents, who bought a pencil and a notebook and allowed me to go to school by myself at the age of 8. So just like that and without textbooks, I finished first grade. At school, I was the object of ridicules. These hardship brought on by my family's financial situation forged me forward, to study hard, to escape these mountains. Eventually, I had become the top of the class in the whole village and was admitted into a prominent high school; cynically, so was the prospect of quitting. At that very juncture, You and PEACH Foundation appeared in my life, giving me hope. Only with Your support could I travel thus far and have the opportunity to a wondrous future. Thank You.


By Zhao XueQuan 02103


I am the child You have been raising for years; all these years, You have not only provided me with financial and material supports, but also spiritual encouragement. Under Your care and support, I was admitted with more than satisfactory marks to a prominent provincial university--Yunnan Agricultural University. Moreover, I am very interested in my major, applied math, which I shall learn whole-heartedly, learn pragmatically. Today, I have finally fulfilled my dream of being a university student, and now my life is at a new stage. Knowing that my self-esteem and global view will be developed  here, I shall not only just learn the books, but more importantly, learn to grow as an individual. I feel profoundly what was a finish mark 12 years ago has turned into a starting point 12 years later; once more I am chasing after a dream single-mindedly. Suddenly, I feel like someone is missing at the moment--a person who has been encouraging, caring, and supporting me all along--and that person is You. Though thousand words need to be said, all I can utter is a single "thank you" from the deepest of my heart!

Your benevolence has changed a person's fate: that person is me. A lonesome orphan at tender age, I was taken to my grand-parents' village to be educated just when I had dropped out of school. I have been living there since 4th grade; however, well into their 70's and without incomes, they simply could not afford to send me to school for long. So once again, I was at the verge of discontinuation. Then, You and PEACH Foundation appeared in my life, igniting my desire to complete my education. I am whole-heartedly grateful you for the assistance provided all these years. I will, for the rest of my days, assume and promote such benevolent course.




I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of US$20 per child.)

I would like to send  ______ children to attend Summer Camp (at US$30 each for one week.)

I would like to donate ______ to scarf and mitten funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to thermal-pajama funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to mosquito net funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to the library funds (at US$20 per library)

I would like to donate  ______ to the foundation administration funds

I would like to donate _____  to the mini-loan for middle and high school studentsí» living expenses (amount as you wish.)

I would like to donate ______ to the college loan funds (amount as you wish.)

I would like to donate ______  (laptop computer/ digital camera/ cell phone)

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ high school students and ___ middle school students; the yearly costs are US$250 for a high school student, US$125 for a middle school student.


Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.


Donors in Taiwan please change the amount to New Taiwan Dollars, payable to PEACH FOUNDATION, Account No.: 50011068, and it is tax deductible.