October 2008 Vol.20


Dear fellow PEACH members,

Happy summer! Our Summer Camps were soundly concluded on 7/30/08 , an all time record-breaking attendance for volunteering teachers--with 3 session held, well over 60 teachers participated. Many young and old teachers alike have joined our summer camps; moreover, there were a few pairs of fathers-and-sons, mothers-and-daughters, and even entire families have all come together. All of us agreed that such events have been tremendous help to the growth of the children and the promotion of a more harmonious family.

At the last night of every session, the usual variety talent shows were anything but. Performance by the children made us fall off our chairs laughing. None of the teachers would believe these were the same group, who--seven days ago were still shy, quiet - have now become brimming over with talents, courtly, confident. Such a change to a person in such a mere, short seven days is a very worthy cost to pay, the teachers feel.

Next year, the Understanding Tour will be held at 4/06/09 to 4/12/09 in Li-Jiang.

Summer Camps, 1 st session, will be held at 7/06/09 to 7/18/09 in Yan-Yuan , SiChuan

2 nd session, will be held at 7/21/09 to 7/3/09 in Li-Jiang , YunNan

(Applications of the above activities start at today till 1/31/09 )

Up till now we have collected US$ 60,000 for the SiChuan Province Earthquake Relief Funds; a further study has prompted us to concentrate on one of the most devastated regions¡ª QingChuan County . As we learned, with a population of 250,000, QingChuan County is among the poorest nationally. After the earthquake, 80% of the buildings were collapsed and 100% of the houses are inhabitable--causing a provincial-wide population with no homes to return.

We are planning to aid about 300 middle and high school students from the 3 high schools in QingChuan; each student will receive 1000 to 2000 Chinese Yuan to lessen their parents' financial burden.

Our staffs are visiting those 300 students' households in mid-September; and once the status is confirmed, Anli Chao, Chair of our Taiwan Chapter and I will leave for QingChuan in late October to distribute the relief fund to every child in person.

The school principals in QingChuan have informed us not only the children and their families are in dire straits, so too are the teachers. Their homes were destroyed during the quake; yet after the quake, neither the government nor the social organizations paid attentions to them. Living sub-standardly, they can't even pay for clothing at least. At present, our relief funds does not include teachers; I would like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to keep on supporting this relief effort--so we can help more children and teachers in these devastated regions.

Our goal is to raise US$ 110,000, and thanks to Mr. Solomon Tsai, proprietor of Holiday Crowne Plaza , who is organizing a fund-raising event for Peach's Quake Relief as well as the 2009 budget. Mr. Tsai is inviting 3 famous top chefs in the Bay Area to participate a friendly cuisine competition of Iron Chef. As for the judges, they will be the supporters of Peach Foundation at this event.

Date: December 7, 2008 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm .

Place: Holiday Crowne Plaza

1221 Chess Drive , Foster City , CA 94404 .

Phone: 650-570-5700

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr. Solomon Tsai for donating the facilities and diners.

Tickets are priced at $250 per person--tax deductible--reservation starts today.

To reserve by checks, please have it payable to Peach Foundation, forward to:

1098 Marlin Avenue , Foster City , CA 94404 .

Or e-mail to or call 650-525-1188.

It has been a wonderful year for the Peach graduates in middle and high schools with a grand total of 652: 435 middle school graduated, and 400 were admitted to high schools ¡ªa promotion of 92%. 217 high school graduated and 191 past university entrance examinations¡ªa 88% admission.

These are prominent universities such as China University of Petroleum, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan Agricultural University,etc.

As I have been maintaining that what the children want is an opportunity. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are providing the irrigation for these vigorous seedlings. With every single drop, every single sun ray, these young lives will grow robustly. That is very motivating and gratifying.

From now on, tuition notifications can only be sent well after September 1 st , for many recipients will not know their next grades until early September. Every uncle and auntie please be patient, as our computers will not forget you.

Enclosed please find a few autobiographies by our children, part of our ongoing effort to document the ¡°inner worlds of the Peach children.¡±

Best wishes,

Ruth Jeng,




I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of US$10 per child.)

I would like to send ______ children to attend Summer Camp (at US$20 each for one week.)

I would like to donate ______ to scarf and mitten funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to thermal-pajama funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to mosquito net funds (at US$5 per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to the library funds

I would like to donate ______ to the foundation administration funds

I would like to donate ______ to the mini-loan for middle and high school students¡¯ living expenses (amount as you wish.)

I would like to donate ______ to the college loan funds (amount as you wish.)

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ high school students and ___ middle school students; the yearly costs are US$250 for a high school student, US$125 for a middle school student.

Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION. Donors in Taiwan please change the amount to New Taiwan Dollars, payable to PEACH FOUNDATION, account no.: 50011068, and it is tax deductible.

1098 Marlin Avenue, Foster City, CA 94404, U.S.A.
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