November 2006 Vol.15


Dear fellow PEACH members,

As Christmas is upon us, at this year-end, we are thankful that it has been another peaceful year.

And now the upcoming calendars for next year's travels:

The spring inspection trips (to the Yuan Y ang, L v Chun regions) are to be held on 4/2/07 to 4/13/07 ; applications are being accepted till January 31st, 2007 .

Summer camps are to be held in 3 sessions--the first is from 6/30/07 to 7/10/07 , the second 7/9/07 to 7/19/07 , and the third 7/19/07 to 7/29/07 . Applications are being collected now till January 31st, 2007 .

This year has been another bountiful year for PEACH:

1. An addition of 362 new students.

2. In April, a joint force of 13 volunteers of bi-coastal, tri-regions interviewed 640 children from the Yuan Y ang, L u Chun counties and visited 90 children's households to verify their states of need.

3. In July, English Summer Camps were successfully held in 3 sessions in Yuan Y ang and Yang B i Counties, where 690 middle school and high school as w ell as college students rubbed shoulders with 40 volunteers from two coasts and three regions.

4. In summer a teacher-training seminar was held, to which 80 teachers attended.

5. Medical service for 900 children¡ªeyeglass prescription along exceeded 80.

6. Extra-curricular reading materials were dispatched to 122 mini-libraries.

7. In August, for 5 days a team of 3 Peach staffs including myself left for Yan Y uan County in Si C huan Province to visit the households of 40 recipients to verify their states of need.

8. A magazine dedicated to our children aptly named PEACH Kids, which has already seen their fifth edition on the shelves.

9. For each of the 362 new recipients, we have provided a set of Uncle Yu's thermal-pajama and a set of Auntie Jiang's mittens, scarves, and socks to stay protected from the cold.

10 .Mini-loans to assist 112 high school students and financial-loans to 129 college students.

11. Four TV-sets were donated to four PEACH classrooms in Yuan Y ang Yi- Zhong , as well as high schools such as Min g - Zhong , L v Chun, which PEACH classrooms received text books, recorders, English language tapes, extra-curricular reading materials, etc.

12. Provided for 1000 students each an Uncle Ruan's Mosquito Net.

13. This summer, 233 middle school students participated in high school entrance examinations, with 201 passing the exam¡ªa promotion of 86%. There were 141 high school students who took the college entrance exams, of which 90 were admitted to prominent universities¡ªa 64% admission rate!

Plans and programs in progress in 2006 will be carried over to 2007. Next year there will be the new addition of 250 students, which would bring our community to 1250. Since its establishment, PEACH have helped well over 1500 children, of whom more than 200 are now college students. Please hurry to adopt these 250 new children.

Here's another piece of good news: PEACH will install a chapter in Taiwan at the end of the year; by then, donations will become tax-exempt. Please tell your relatives in Taiwan , and we shall notify our Taiwan members by mail once the tax-exemption number is issued. Another wise man has enlightened us that for income-tax purposes, many would be eager to donate at year-end.

As the season of thanks approaches, we should reflect on how fortunate we are that we have the ability and mean to help those in need. It is also gratifying to realize that every dollar we contribute goes a long way in helping our students. And on behalf of all our volunteers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyous Christmas, may God bless each of you.

Best wishes

Ruth Jeng



I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of $10 US per child.)  

I would like to send ______ children to attend Summer Camp (at $10 US each for one week.)  

I would like to donate ______ to scarf and mitten funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to thermal-pajama funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to mosquito net funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to operating expense (amount as you wish.)  

I would like to donate ______ to library fund (amount as you wish.)  

I would like to donate ______ to college loan (amount as you wish.)  

I would like to donate ______ to the mini-loan for high school students' living expenses (amount as you wish.)  

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ high school students and ___ middle school students; the yearly costs are $205 for a high school student, $105 for a middle school student.

Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.


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