June 2006 Vol. 14


Dear fellow PEACH members,

Here I go again, it's time to request your monetary aidí¬summer has arrived, and with it the annual summer camp is getting under way. This year we anticipate hosting more than 700 children during July to join our summer camps which will be held in 3 sessions in Yuanyang and Yangbi Counties simultaneously. We are very fortunate to have recruited 36 eager and committed volunteers to participate in the summer camps as teachers, counselors, and role models.

English Summer Camp has become one of the most vital PEACH programs, and while the scholarship and mini-loan programs have helped enormously in solving the financial difficulties our children face, the summer camp program is also intended to address psychological and self-esteem issues.

Based on our experience over the past two years, these camps provide an important opportunity for our PEACH children to nurture hope and optimism about their future by exposing them to a world beyond their village. The financial and psychological support provided to these children provides a critical foundation upon which they can build their own internal motivation to study and work hard, because they see that, if they do so, they have a real chance of making a better life for themselves, their families, and their villages.

This summer, 5 PEACH college students will be graduating; they represent the fruits of the seeds laid through your concern and generosity. In 2007 there will be 15 college students graduating, and in 2008 there will be 29 college students graduating! This is a tremendous accomplishment considering that there would have been no graduates or even anyone attending college, without your support.

Looking forward, we anticipate employment counseling will soon become one of our major areas of focus. As we all know, the numbers of college graduates in Mainland China have increased many fold in recent years; as a consequence, there is increasing competition for jobs and finding a job requires guidance and having access to the right connections. Yet most PEACH recipients are from families where both parents are illiterate farmers--what kind of connections could they possess? The PEACH foundation is their only connection.

My proposal is to create a register of candidates, a database that is updated and sent every 3 months to introduce to everyone a brief, concise description of those college graduates that have yet to find a job. In order to save unnecessary postage, such databank is to be distributed solely to the volunteers in Mainland China . For the volunteers in Taiwan and the U.S. , it will not be routinely sent, unless there is a request to be placed on the mailing list.

Please understand that helping our children find jobs is not seeking backdoor favoritism; we only ask that the children be given an opportunity to be interviewed. Indeed, some interviews can only be obtained through proper channels. It is important that we help our PEACH boys and girls (now young men and women) become self-sufficient financially and that they find careers where they are solid contributing members of Chinese society. After 12 years of hard work supported by the PEACH Foundation, these children have fully earned their college diplomas through their own dedication and commitment and we can help them through the final step of sending them on their way to a full and rewarding career. Many of these children borrowed substantial amounts of money in the form of student loans from PEACH in order to attend college, and they recognize their obligation to repay that debt; if they do not find a job, it will deal them a terrible blow. It would also pose a threat to the finances of PEACH as well.

In some ways, it is remarkable that we are now in the situation of being able to assist young men and women college graduates who otherwise would be illiterate without the generous support of people like you find solid jobs and careers.

Lastly, a few items to be reported:

1. The Spring Inspection has been completed in April successfully. A team of 13 volunteers from US, Taiwan , and China , visited 640 children in Yuanyang and Lu Chun Counties.

2. Every autumn we send our inspection teams to Youngbi and Li-Jiang Counties ; this summer, since the summer camp is to be held in Youngbi County , we shall quietly í«sneak our inspections in as well. Autumn inspection, thereby, will be cancelledí¬we realize that many are wishing that we would still visit this autumn, however, I'm afraid they will have to wait till next year. As for next year's Spring Inspection, it is still being scheduled in April; details will be announced this autumn.

3. Because the children can not afford to pay for mosquito canopy netting, all year long they are feeding the mosquitoes with their own blood. This summer, we shall pay for their mosquito netting canopies at US$ 5 apiece, please help us to achieve this. And it shall be named: Uncle Ruan's Mosquito Nets as it was he who initiated the project. Currently we have Auntie Jiang's scarf and Uncles Yu's thermal-pajama for every PEACH child. From now on, we shall carry on sending to every new recipient a scarf and thermal-pajama along with a mosquito net.

Finally, we enclose a letter to Auntie Yeh, written by a student named Jou Chun-lin, an orphan whose widowed mother had to remarry to make a living. Now a high school sophomore, living under another's roof, he has endured countless challenges. When he can endure no longer, he turns to Auntie Yeh as a confidant and PEACH as his haven.

After reading his letter, and seeing what a lifeline of hope PEACH has been for him, I felt gratified yet sorrowful. It is gratifying to see the very real positive effects from several hundred uncles and aunts who have opened their hearts to help serve more than a thousand children similar to Chun-lin and to give each and every one of them hope for their future. I feel sorrowful when I think of the innumerous other Chun-lin's who but silently descend into the obscurity of misfortune that we haven't been able to reach. We crave to help more children, and we need your generous support.

While we're on the subject, I must reiterateí¬please spread the seeds of the PEACH cause far and wide; tell all your friends and relatives. Please tell them your own motivations for participating and the benefits you have derived from helping out our PEACH kids. And please tell them that, in China , a small contribution goes a long way. Their support will surely be felt by some fortunate girl or boy thousands of miles away who now has books and shoes and warm clothes to wear as a result of their generosity and kind thoughts.

We still have 80 children that are without sponsors (most are high school students), and we are urgently looking for sponsors for them.


Best wishes

Ruth Jeng



I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of $10 US per child.)  

I would like to send ______ children to attend Summer Camp (at $10 US each for one week.)  

I would like to donate ______ to scarf and mitten funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to thermal-pajama funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to mosquito net funds (at $5 US per child.)  

I would like to donate ______ to the mini-loan for high school students' living expenses (amount as you wish.)  

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ senior-high students and ___ junior-high students; the yearly costs are $205 for a senior-high, $ 105 a junior-high.   Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.


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