October 2005 Vol.12


Dear fellow PEACH members,

Our Summer Camps and the "Journey of Love" to Quinmin have been concluded as expectedly well.

This year's Summer Camps, 3 sessions that attended by 330 children, were held simultaneously at Yuanyang and Lu Chun Counties in Yunnan , and Yanyuan County in Szechuan . Although every session was a mere weeklong, both the children and the teachers found its accomplishment tremendous. While the children could improve on their English pronunciation and thus lessen their fear towards speaking English, the encouragement and care from the uncles and aunts will ease their self-pity, self-deprivation and slowly regain self-confidence and self-esteem. Enclosed please find an essay by An-Lieh Chao, Chair of our Taiwan Chapter, highlighting the successes of this year's summer camps. The last paragraph of the essay reflects my sentiment completely.

Enclosed also find an excerpt from The United Journal reporting on the summer camps.

On the first weekend of this August, we led 19 orphans to Quinmin for a weeklong vacation¡ªthey have never been to any small towns, let alone a major metropolitan like Quinmin. So they rode elevators, sat on toilet seats, munched on hamburgers, drank colas, browsed department stores, etc. We took them to many popular sightseeing points and they had so much fun running around that each night they would fall asleep dead tired.

From now on summer camp will be a major program in PEACH's cause. We have solved the children's tangible tuition problems; we will now shift our focus towards their intangible psychological problems. For it is PEACH's intention to bring up children of sound physical and mental health, not a group of selfish, self-centered college graduates who are also self-pitied, self-deprived.

This year's report cards on senior and junior high graduation results have arrived¡ªthe children are not performing as well as the previous: there are 47 admitted to universities (an admission rate of 66%,) and 93 accepted to senior highs (an admission rate of 81%.)

A large number of senior high grads are admitted to some third-rated colleges, which many are reluctant to attend. Under our support and encouragement, they have elected to stay put and spend another school year to prepare for a second try next year. A majority of students who failed the senior high entrance exam are also willing to try again next year. It illustrates once again PEACH's wide latitude, which always put the children's emphasis ahead of all else. When they fall, we do not leave nor abandon them; in stead, we extend our hands to help them back on their feet. I always tell them, "don't blame yourselves, don't apologize¡ªeven horses miss their strides. Just climb back up from the same spot where you fell, knowing that the uncles and aunts of PEACH will absolutely be there next to you."

And now, let's review a few pressing issues:

1.The yet to be finalized dates of next year's summer camps are likely to be from 7/5 to 7/31/06 . We are in great needs of volunteers¡ªyoung and old. Youth volunteers have to be at least of 10th grade by 9/06; adult volunteers have no age prerequisite. Apply now till 3/31/06.

2.Next year's Spring Inspection team will be leaving from 4/10/06 to 4/23/06; the group will be visiting both Yuanyang and Lu Chun Counties. Apply today till 1/31/06.

3.We are still accepting old and used cameras to be distributed to teachers.

4.Since its inception this March, the mini-loan, a small amount loan program has been a success with 54 applications approved for living expense assistance.

5.The Autumn Inspection team, a magnificent group of 16 from 2 coasts and 3 regions plus the U. S. , will be leaving on 11/1/06 for both Yang-Pi and Li-Jiang Counties .

6.The 2006 budget has been arrived; we are anticipating 300 new applicants, which means by then a milestone of 1000 will be reached. Since the establishment of 2001, PEACH has been steadily growing in a rapid pace.

However, this budget seems a little bit unsettling, as though riding a tiger. Since we have started collaborating with a lot of new high schools last year, we are obligated to provide with a yearly quota from now on. Even if we should find ourselves unable to increase the quota more than this year's, we have to, at least, maintain no less than this year's. For the teachers, principals, children, they all are looking forward to it! But to whom are we to market these 300 new students? Well, we hope everyone will be adding these 300 new students onto his or her budget, be generous, and be hurry to brush these 300 new students off the docket.

If you are not planning on such a budget yourself, we hope you can find new allies among friends and relatives who have budgets to spare. If you need materials to introduce PEACH Foundation, please contact us for literature, CD's, DVD's.

Lastly, a special thank to elder Ms. Wang who kindly donated to the children 40 pieces of woolen sweaters, which were all hand-knitted by her, with the yarn supplied by Ms. Huang.

As I pen these words, I could almost see the silhouette of an old Ms. Wang diligently knitting needle-by-needle under a dim light into the late hours¡ªevery thread is a testament of love.

Best wishes,

Ruth Jeng, Chairperson of Board


I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of $10 US per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to the mini-loan for high school students' living expenses (amount as you wish.)

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ senior-high students and ___ junior-high students;

The yearlycosts are $200 for a senior-high,$ 100 a junior-high.

Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.


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