December 2004 Vol. 9


Dear fellow PEACH members,

The Fall inspection trip to Mainland China , a trip that comprised of 8 volunteers from the U.S. , Taiwan , and China , has been concluded on the 22 nd of October. The visited regions were in Yanyuan County in Shichuan Province , Tai-an Village of Li-Jiang County, Yang Pi County and Yi-yuan County , all in Yunan. Total of more than 200 recipients have been visited, of whom 9 children, whose families had apparent financial improvement, were subsequently removed from the program.

Yet, the most memorable event of the trip had to be the lecture, "The Way to A Joyous Life" delivered to 80 PEACH recipients at Yanyuan County by yours truly. It took 12 hours in 4 days; at the final half of the final day, all 80 children were crouching on their desks, sobbing quietly but emotionally. Like a kitten's tail being stepped on, a soft "yi yi" sound was made by a high school boy, whose restrained weeping later simply turned into an outburst of tears. Though I had exhausted every effort to enliven the situation, every joke seemed unable to impede the waves of outbursts of tears. A grievous scene in which even volunteers Jesse and Samantha,

who were sitting on the stage, were crying in a mess.

As I dried my tears, it dawned on me that these were children who did not shed their tears lightly¡­ They had shed their last drop of tear long before. Like a pressure cooker, they had since repressed their feelings for too long. Since childhood, poverty had brought them contempt and ridicules from neighbors, classmates, relatives, and even teachers, (who sneered, "Do not bother to come to class next Monday if tuition is not paid." In fact no full payment, no exams allowed has become an unwritten rule.)

My speech has likely touched their deep wounds grown with calluses. I could profoundly appreciate the torment that they bore, but I could not appreciate what fate had dealt them. Moreover, I admire their enduring courage and their unyielding perseverance, telling them that from now on they will not struggle alone¡ªPEACH will embrace, support, and encourage them. It is my belief that these words, which no one has ever uttered to them, have moved them to tears.

Has anyone ever noticed any strayed dogs, ones that have been battered numerously, that their expressions are always frightened, perplexed,depressed, and defeated. Sadly, among these children there were several high school boys who resembled the expressions of those strayed dogs.Now, why a teenaged child has already experienced a life-long of suffering due to destitution, causing them to display a frightened, perplexed,depressed, and defeated expression? I was afraid to gaze at their eyes.

After I have returned home, a boy sent me a poem, which will be posted on the next issue of our PEACH periodical. Every time this poem is being read, the scene of the children crouching on their desks sobbing emotionally will reappear in my mind .......

Well, let's collect ourselves and return to the worthy business at hand:

1. We are still looking for used cameras to be sent to the teachers, who can take the photos of the children--so please send in your spare ones.

2. At the end of the year we will elect 5 board members, but only members are qualified to vote. However, there still is time to become one at an annual fee of $20, which covers our administration expenses like printing, postage,photo-copying, computerizing that amount to $6000 yearly. We hope everyone will join us--as the children are being cared for, please spend a moment to support the functioning of our foundation. Ballots are enclosed for member used; Taiwan members will receive theirs separately by mail.

3. Till now there are 600 PEACH recipients, next year 200 more will be added. Please be hurry to adopt a child, or more. In addition, more than 20 high school students are awaiting for donors to support; let's hope we will find some philanthropists to ¡®clear our inventory' by year end. Next year, donations are most welcome in the following:

(a) collage loans, (b)child medical funds, and (c) summer camps.

4. Next March the 20th is the date for our spring inspection trip; deadline for applications is January 31st, 05. Itinerary is enclosed.

5. Next January 8th and 9th we are hosting our volunteers' conference in Taipei and Hsinchu¡ªevery body is welcome. Invitation cards and maps will be available for the volunteers in Taiwan .

6. Our production team has finished with our own documentary film, which will be debuted on January 8th and 9th during our volunteers' conference in Taipei and Shinju. Special thanks are given to volunteer Yan, who had spent several hundred hours to produce this documentary.

7. On December 20th I will bring 2 young teachers to visit the children to further enhance their English language skills and self-confidence. This will be the fourth time this year I financed my own trips to see the children. Someone asks why do I love to visit the children so much, the fact is they truly need us¡ªnot only financially, but spiritual supports especially. These are tormented souls, who do not have anyone they could confide, not even a single soul. I try to be there to be their confidant, and to cheer them up.

8. Our gratitude to Ms. Jiang of Taiwan , a kind lady who donated $3000 to the medical funds. At last, our annual medical funds are met.

Furthermore, Ms. Jiang divided portion of the funds to outfit all 600 PEACH children each with a set of scarf, gloves, socks for the winter. A mere 3 dollars U.S. can spare a child from deep winter chill¡ªit is truly a bargain. Dressing in Auntie Jiang's scarves, gloves, socks, the children will likely have a lower rate of flu infraction this winter.

9. We have successfully applied for ¡®bulk rate' that could save our postage cost tremendously. We can not correspond by email alone for many donors neglected to provide us with their email addresses (unwilling?) Furthermore, many told us that they did not want to open attachment fearing of virus; therefore, important messages still rely on postage.

10. Next summer we will be hosting our second English Summer Camps, and we are looking for the following voluntary teaching positions (experience unnecessary):

a) College or high school students who have English as first language, a minimum 3.0 GPA., compassionate, and must be older than 16.

b) Artists and musicians (may not be English speaking) who

are interested, please contact us and apply by 3/31/05 . Service date is from 6/25 to 7/21/05 , a duration of four weeks, which perspective applicants may decide on any one week or all four.

11. As we are approaching the end of a year, on behalf of the children we wish to extend our gratitude to everyone who supports us through out the year. And on this eve of Christmas, my heart is filled with gratefulness, grateful to have known you all, to partake in this cause¡ªfor it is thousand folds in return to give than to receive. Lastly, enclosed please find a few autobiographies by the children, whose writings are most comprehensive in expressing their inner worlds. My humble writing could not depict one percent of what they have suffered. Everyone would agree that there are no exaggerations after reading them.

Best Holidays wishes,

Ruth Jeng, President

Attached: 2005 spring inspection trip Itinerary

Children's autobiographies, not available in English translated version.

Please fill in the following and return it to the Main Office.

The following items are what we need the most:


( ) I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ high school students and ___ middle school students; the yearly costs are $200 for a high school kid, $100 a middle school.

( ) I would like to become a member and include my annual fee of $20.

( ) I would like to finance the medical fund in the amount of___________.

( ) I would like to finance the college loan in the amount of___________.

P.S., we felt pressed to spread the seeds of the PEACH cause; if every single member would introduce the PEACH cause to 20 friends, then there would be 5000 who know about the PEACH cause. We invite everyone to our detailed brochures.

PPS, We are in constant need of public relation experts or professional promoters to advertise and advance the PEACH cause, and it can be a voluntary or paid position. We are also in dire need of a grant writer to help us apply for aid from other charitable foundations.

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