May 2004 Vol. 7


Dear fellow PEACH members,

Greetings, I can hardly contain myself from dancing with joy when writing this newsletter, for great news to be reported is abundant.

First, we have founded a publication for our children, and the debut issue has finally arrived. It is a semi-annual periodical, which serves as a forum for the children to share their thoughts and feelings. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Editor Cheng, who labors for many months to bring us such high quality product, which we all can be proud. I trust that many will be proud of our children and of being a member of PEACH Foundation as one savors such food for thoughts.

Second, the Spring 2004 Inspection Team have successfully concluded their tour of duty and returned on the 17th of April. Of the 168 new applicants visited, 4 did not meet the criteria, and the rest were deemed all admissible. They were then granted with scholarships. Some libraries did not receive the books we sent; we are in the process of investigating through the proper channels. This year the Inspection Team consisted of 10 volunteers, who were from the U.S., Taiwan, and Mainland China.

Third, we are sponsoring several English-language Summer Camps on the 5th of July 2004; each session lasts for a week. The 120 attendees are PEACH recipients from Yuan yang County; all expenses are paid by our foundation at the estimated cost of $10 US per child. It appears that for almost all of them, this is the first time in their lives that they will watch a movie, or even taste a piece of candy. A mere 10 dollars can provide a child with an unforgettable week-so please hurry and donate.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Chair of our Taiwan Chapter, Anli Chao, who called on 6 young American born Chinese to be the youth counselors of the camps.

Fourth, our board is choosing new directors this fall; only members are qualified to vote. To become a member, one pays an annual fee of $20 US. Such fees are earmarked for our administrative expense such as printing, postage, photocopying, computer costs, etc., which amounts to about $6000 US yearly. We hope many will become members, who besides sponsoring the children will also support the Foundation's operating expenses.

Fifth, this year we have enrolled 200 new applicants, and with the existing students, there will be a total of 600 students. However, there are about 100 primarily high school students that are without sponsors. We sincerely ask for your prompt assistance; please ask your friends and relatives to support this worthy cause.

Sixth, with the assistance from Yins Education Foundation, 10 educators will leave for Shanghai on the 10th of May to attend a 19-day training seminar. The 10 are principals and teachers from schools financially assisted by PEACH. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Yins Education Foundation.

In 3 years, PEACH Foundation has grown tremendously; today, there are 600 recipients and 174 micro libraries--all of which are the fruits of our diligent volunteers and the compassionate donors. Lastly, we like to thank our assistant, Linda, and our interpreter, Mable, for their enthusiasm and efficiency in performing their duties. Besides offering gratitude, as chairperson, still I will offer more gratitude.


Ruth Jeng

Chair of Board


Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.

Please fill in the following and return it to the main office or Taiwan office. Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.

( ) I would like to send ___ children to attend English Summer Camp at $10 US each.

( ) I would like to become a member and include my annual fee of $20 US for 2004.

( ) I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ high school students and ___ middle school students; the yearly costs are $200 for high school, $100 for middle school.

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