February 2004 Vol. 6


Dear fellow PEACH members,

We wish a prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year to all of you. This is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. May everyone be healthy and wealthy throughout the year.

Our trip to Taiwan earlier this year was a tremendous success; two large scaled volunteers¡¯ conferences were held in Taipei and Hsinchu. Taiwan¡¯s volunteers are extremely compassionate and supportive to our Foundation¡¯s cause¡ªthey adopted more than forty children on the spot.

Taiwan¡¯s media were very supportive as well: United Daily News, China Times, Taiwan Television, Da-Ai Television, and several radio stations were all scrambling to report the events, and the public responded positively. An-Lieh Chao, Chair of our Taiwan Chapter, has been answering phone inquiries nonstop. My observation is quite keen on the citizens of Taiwan¡ªthat their compassion is overflowing; oh how blessed are the Taiwanese.

On April 7th this year, we are planning a ten-day inspection trip to Mainland China. However, before it was officially announced, the space had all been filled; for when the trip was made known during the volunteers¡¯ conference, many applied and the space was all quickly filled.

Last year, during their trip to China, the volunteers witnessed the truly deplorable state the schools and the students were in; they voluntarily offered personnel financial support. As of today, the good deeds are mounting:

The Ho sisters and friends pitched in to purchase a photocopying machine for the Tai-an Secondary School in Li-Jiang, Yunan.

Yins Foundation sponsored another secondary school in Yunnan on renovation.

For the teachers, Mr. Chang gave them a 34 inch TV set and 30 brand new beds to replace the old ones in Tai-an Secondary School in Li-Jiang, Yunan.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the Chin family of Los Altos; Mr. Chin Senior past away earlier this year and the Chins donated all the offerings to PEACH Foundation. The Chin Sisters have long been our steadfast sponsors, whose philanthropy reflects the lifelong teaching of the late Senior Chin.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank Ms. Elena Wang, CPA, who helped to file our 2002 US Tax Return¡ªpro bono. Anyone who is interested in our financial status is welcome to request a copy. In addition, we have posted the financial statement on our web-site, you can download. As for the 2003 tax return, it is expected to be finished by the end of May. Financial statements will be done by early March.

Our Foundation is in preparation to publish the children¡¯s biannual periodical, which is a showcase of our PEACH children¡¯s essays. The primary goal of this periodical is to harness the ¡®concentric power¡¯ of our children and to provide many a role model that knows them, having lived a similar life. Furthermore, our hope is that after college graduation, they will become the pillars of society, members of the ¡®PEACH Family¡¯ for life. To those who have become the ¡®uncles and aunts¡¯ of these children, they should also receive the copies soon after they are available.

PEACH Foundation has been growing tremendously in the past two years. Today, there are 410 recipients and 174 micro libraries. By the latter part of this year, there will be 600 recipients and 200 micro libraries, all of which are the fruits of our diligent volunteers and the compassionate donors.

Lastly, enclosed please find my humble writing, ¡®A Bunch of Flowers,¡¯ about a peasant boy named Shabang, whose impoverished background did not stop him from loving and enjoying the simple beauty of life-¡ªbe it just a bunch of wild flowers by the bedside. ¡°¡­ for receiving life itself has been the greatest gift from God,¡± said he.

A few years ago, volunteering at a suicide hot-line service, I encountered many desperate callers simply troubled by mere mundane incidences. It was very discouraging to the volunteers like us, who felt helpless and powerless despite all of our efforts.

Yet, working at PEACH Foundation is such a delight. Ladies and gentlemen, we are providing the irrigation for these vigorous seedlings. With every single drop, every single sunray, these young lives will grow robustly. That is very motivating and gratifying.


Ruth Jeng, Board Chair

P.S., we felt pressed to spread the seeds of the PEACH cause; if every single member would introduce the PEACH cause to 20 friends, then there would be 5000 who know about the PEACH cause. We invite everyone to our detailed brochures.

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