January 2003 Vol. 3


Volunteers and Sponsors of Peach foundation:


Thank you for your kind interest in the Foundation and your assistance to the children in the far-off Yunnan region. Our 2002 results were great!

Here is a summary of the 2002 activities:

The total number of sponsors in 2002 came to 200 with total donations of $80,000.

In January, three volunteers visited the needy students of Eryuan, Lijian, Yangbi, and Yuanyang- all are among the poorest regions of China . In June, nine volunteers revisited the same sites to make sure that the funds that the Foundation sent were received by the intended children and that they were put to good use. By September, not only did we expand our sponsored area, but the number of sponsored students increased to 195!

Targeting remote schools with only one teacher, our foundation set up 104 mini libraries and frequently sent in additional supplementary reading materials in order to boost the students¡¯ interest in studying.

Five Peach sponsored children who successfully entered the highlighted universities, have been granted tuition loans from our foundation.

Peach also established a fifth sponsorship area in the mountainous region of the Sichuan province. This area is adjacent to the Lugu Lake of Yunnan¡¯s Lijian province and is in an even grimmer state than that of Yunnan .

Our plan for 2003 is to increase our backing of high school students by160 to reach a total sponsorship of 350 students. Peach wants to add 100 mini libraries to have the number of libraries total 200. We also expect to have15 Peach kids graduate from high school this year bringing the total number of eligible college loan students to 20. The amount of donations required to fund this entire required funding amounts to $100,000.

For 2003, we plan to sponsor an additional 160 high school children, bringing the total of sponsored students to 350. We¡¯ll fund another 100 mini libraries for a total of 200. Fifteen sponsored kids will graduate from high school in 2003. We plan to provide them with college loans bringing the number eligible for college loans up to 20. We¡¯ll need $100,000 in donations for 2003 to fund these programs.

Principal Jiatung Li and Dr. Daren Ran, both well respected members of their communities, will be on the Peach Foundation board of directors. We hope that their presence will draw additional enthusiastic friends to extend help to the children of China .

Agreeing with our foundation¡¯s objectives and management method, the prominent Ying¡¯s foundation in Taiwan has decided to join on a long-term basis in sponsoring underprivileged students, subsidizing teacher¡¯s salaries, and reconstructing school facilities.

Once again the Peach foundation will make another on-site assessment trip in April 2003. (Itinerary is attached) Also appended is the article ¡°My journey as a Peach volunteer¡± by xiaozheng Liao, illustrating her experiences in last July¡¯s trip to Yunnan .

For 2003, we have also set goals to attract successful Taiwanese companies and local industries to be sponsors. We ask that you please help us gain more exposure by recommending us to other potential backers.

One hundred percent of all donations go toward either tuition assistance or book purchases. All the expenses of on-site trips are generously covered by each of the participating members. Our passionate volunteers even pay for the administrative cost of the program.

As we begin a new year, we can only hope that all the children in the program will continue to have enough food, warm clothes, and the funds necessary to go to school. We, who are in the position to offer help, are indeed the blessed ones.

In gratitude, and on behalf of the volunteers, I would like to convey my sincere wishes that all of you may have a healthy, happy, blessed and prosperous new year.