The Peach Foundation Newsletter

October, 2002 vol. 2


We sincerely thank you for your interest and generous donations both of which have brought great warmth and encouragement to our volunteers. We particularly would like to express our gratitude to Taiwan's "Ying's Education Foundation." The Foundation currently sponsors thirty junior and senior high school students and has increased the number of children aided by Peach Foundation to 190.

In June 2002, nine members from the PEACH Foundation participated in a site inspection at Yunnan, which was a great success. This trip consisted of four goals:

Our foundation has released scholarship funds to 190 students this year. Unfortunately the fund to one student was embezzled by the student's principal. Upon the discovery of this news, our foundation has initiated alternative measures to correct this problem.
Our volunteer teams have conducted interviews with students to ensure that they are necessarily in need of aid and that their standard of living is below the poverty level. Also, we are confident that the teachers and principals have indeed submitted honest recommendations and did not abuse their power by recommending their own friends and family.
We have confirmed that the 104 libraries established by PEACH are fully utilized and that records are well kept. A few schools that we visited have arranged activities for students such as story-telling contests, where students read from books donated from PEACH. Our volunteers were extremely touched.
We have added a fifth target region, Daliang, Sichuan Province, which is in close proximity to Lake Lugu, northeast of Lijiang County, Yunnan Province.
On August 19, Taiwans United Daily News ran an article on Ms Anli Chou, our Taiwan Branch Chairperson. This report elicited a great response in Taiwan. Ms Chou is currently working on establishing the non-profit "Peach Education Association," which will enable the donation in Taiwan be tax-deductible.

Attached is "Lost Paradise," a chronicle of Ruth Jeng's Yunnan trip that occurred in June. This article is posted on our foundation's web site. Attached is a news clipping from the World Journal of an interview with Ruth Jeng on July 13.

We hope you introduce our web site to your friends and relatives. Please spread word of our work to help us expand our operation to give these children more educational opportunities. Let us know if your organization has any upcoming activities and gatherings so that we may exhibit these children's photos on six display boards.

The tentative date for next year's trip is in April. We will announce the exact dates when finalized.