January 2006 Vol.13


Dear fellow PEACH members,

First, allow me to take this belated opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous and joyful Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dog. Looking back, 2005 has been a bountiful year of accomplishments and success for PEACH:

1. There were 260 new students added.

2. Volunteers in Shenzen donated 121 cases of clothing to our needy children.

3. In April, our China affiliates established a regional office in Kunming. Though it is a mere 5 square meter office space, it has increased our administrative productivity tremendously.

4. In July, our English Summer Camps held 3 sessions (at Yuanyang and Lu Chun Counties in Yunnan, and Yanyuan County in Szechuan) and attended by 330 high school students.

5. We provided medical care for 500 children, including over 100 eyeglass prescriptions.

6. In July, through a collaboration with Yin's Foundation, we held a training seminar in Yuanyang for 150 teachers.

7. In August, we took 19 orphans to Kunming for a weeklong vacation we called it: "The Journey of Love.

8. In October, volunteers in Shenzen donated 10 computers and 15 tape-recorders to Tai-an middle school in Li-jiang. A total of 166 tape-recorders were donated to all high schools in Yuanyang

9. 110 mini-libraries have received our shipments of extra-curricular reading material.

10. In order to elevate the standard of teachings, supplementary tutorial materials were shipped to all 26 PEACH-financed middle schools.

11. A periodical was dedicated to PEACH Foundation children and written by them, (4 editions have been distributed.)

12. During Christmas, volunteer Uncle Yu donated 260 new sets of thermal-pajamas. In addition, Auntie Chan donated mittens, scarves, and socks.

13. 55 students have received small loans for living expenses.

14. In March, an inspection team of 14 volunteers visited regions in Yanyuan County in Shichuan Province to examine all aspects of the Foundation's operations. In November, another inspection team of 13 volunteers inspected Tai-an Village in Li-Jiang County, Yang Pi County and Yi-yuan County, all in Yunan.

Many plans for 2005's will be carried over to 2006. The total number of PEACH beneficiaries has reached 1048; this year there will be 300 new recipients. Since our establishment, we have assisted 1181 children and and more than 100 college students.

In my last communication, Issue no. 12, I put forward an urgent call to brush 300 new students off the docket;' many volunteers responded promptly and enthusiastically.

Since then half have been adopted, which I am deeply touched. I am an optimistic person who only sees the filled portion of a half-filled glass, never the empty half. I believe by March 1st when school starts, the other yet to be adopted children will be snatched up by more kind-hearted donors just in time. I am grateful that I have what I consider the best job in the world, and that the great numbers of volunteers are such kind and amiable people, and that all the children are so eager and optimistic. These days, when one reads the newspaper and sees so much news about natural disasters and human tragedies, it is a joy being with PEACH, where we are swimming daily in love and optimism.

During last summer and winter vacations, we sent a group of PEACH college students to their hometowns to perform home inspections. After seeing the results of several of these inspections, we concluded that this is the most effective way to audit children's family economy. Home inspection is the most practical method to verify a needy child's true financial status. For the past few years, our volunteers have been constantly making trips twice a year, spring and fall, to visit families in China at their expense. While the company is pleasant, limited time and stamina have become a restraint to these dozens of elderly volunteers. At such, we can only visit 15% of the children at the most. Now, we can pay PEACH college students to have them perform home inspections. They students are young and enthusiastic, and because they grew up in the mountains, they are very accustomed to the lifestyle and they can sleep where they treka much more successful result than ours,.

The home visits last about one week and the college children can earn them about two months of living expenses that help reduce their need to apply for the PEACH college loan. This is a win--win situation: the college students win twice by earning a salary and participating in the foundation. Our foundation also wins by having a more efficient auditing program. Today we can verify that 100% of our recipients pass through a household inspection to meet the foundation's financial criteria.

Enclosed please find an article published at Peach periodical which was dedicated to the children. This article was written by a young boy in the Peach Foundation.

We are still short of volunteers to teach at English summer camp from 7/21/06 to 8/1/06. Should you be interested, please contact us immediately.

Have a happy New Year, the Year of the Dog,

Ruth Jeng, President



I would like to donate ______ to the medical funds (at an average of $10 US per child.)

I would like to donate ______ to the mini-loan for high school students' living expenses (amount as you wish.)

I would like to increase my sponsorship to ___ senior-high students and ___ junior-high students;

The yearlycosts are $200 for a senior-high,$ 100 a junior-high.

Please make check payable to PEACH FOUNDATION.


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